SKAG+ Revolution

The true history of High Performance Google Ads campaigns.

About half of all new Google Ads campaigns fail within the first year. That’s a bunch of shitty campaigns that lost a lot of money. Many of them were not built to the standards of the Google Best Practices, but most of them are. And yet they still fail. It’s understandable. After all there is a lot of competition out there, right?

It’s my option that the bottom 95% of campaigns pay for the success of the top 5% of campaigns. That’s just the way or is. Or is it? What if Google know full well the Google Best Practices are obsolete? In fact, they have been obsolete for years! What does that tell you?

Let’s back up a few years and look at the true origin of Facebook first, then Google.

Fast forward to today. 

Most advertisers and even agencies refuse to consider any strategy beyond the Google Best Practices. What does this mean for the average advertiser? More importantly, what does this mean for the top 5% of advertisers? The graphic below should give you some idea.

If a Classic SKAG campaign can out perform and campaign based on the Google Best Practices. And a SKAG+ campaign can out perform and Classic SKAG… We’re in a pretty good position to beat the competition. But who is benefiting the most? The top 5% of advertisers. And who are they? I’ll give you a clue. The deep state owns all the top corporations. They ar all working together with Google to skin the small businesses of the world! 

So what the hell? 95% of advertisers refuse to consider anything beyond the Google Best Practices. Why would we want to give away the goose that lays the golden eeg? Especially to someone who does not want it in the first place! 

Are we evil because we take advantage of the same opportunity the evil ones does? They say all is fair in love and war. But I think marketing should be included in that list.

Welcome to the SKAG+ Revolution!

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