History Of Google AdWords Performance

Going Beyond The Google Best Practices

1st Generation AdWords Campaigns

Google launched AdWords back back in late 2000 with the Google Best Practices as the standard for building a an effective Google AdWords campaigns. These initial Best Practices suggest using 10 to 15 related keywords per Ad Group.

The best measure of success for an AdWords campaign is Quality Score.  Quality Score is reported on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being the highest and it is largely determined by the relevance between the Keywords, the Ads and the landing page. These 1st generation AdWords campaigns have low relevance due to multiple keywords in each Ad Group and are lucky if they achieve any Quality Score 10 keywords.


Fast forward to 2020, top advertisers and industry insiders are aware the Google Best Practices are out dated. But for one reason or another Google has not updated the Google Best Practices and most advertisers and even agencies still follow the out dated Best Practices when building Google Ads campaigns.

So many advertisers using out dated best practices the presents a great opportunity for advertisers who build new campaigns using the latest best practices.


2nd Generation AdWords Campaigns

It was only a matter of time before people realized the Google Best Practices could be improved upon and the Classic SKAG campaign was born! But the average advertisers believe SKAG campaigns are too complicated and difficult to build. It is true that the SKAG campaign structure is complex and the build process is very complicated. 

However a well built Classic SKAG should out perform any campaign based on the Google Best Practices and the time and effort spent learning the SKAG technology has been well worth the effort. We now use an advanced SaaS, (Cloud based Software as a Service) application to automate our SKAG campaign build process.

But Classic SKAG build process process can only be optimized for 2 of the 3 factors that determine Quality Scores: Keyword & Ads.  The missing component is the Landing Page.

As long as the Landing Page is missing from for optimization process, Quality Scores will remain below the their full potential.

Click here to see a sample 2nd Generation SKAG Campaign.

3rd generation Campaigns

The problem with the Classic SKAG build process is that it can only optimize for 2 of the 3 factors that determine Quality Scores: Keyword & Ads.  The missing component is the Landing Page.

To overcome this weakness in the Classic SKAG campaign build we use Dynamic Keyword Insertion to insert the keywords into the landing page allowing us to optimize the final component that determine Quality Score. 

Click the links below to see an optimized WordPress Landing Page!

Scottsdale Family Doctor
Phoenix Family Doctor
Mesa Family Doctor

The end result of using the SKAG plus WordPress DKI is a huge improvement in Quality Scores and overall increase in campaign performance.

Highest Quality Scores In The Industry