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Corporations are legal entities separate and distinct from their owners. They are proxies for evil and I do not work with them. For this reason I do not consider account spend to be a factor in my definition of an Enterprise Level Campaign,

Campaign performance is the only thing that defines an Enterprise Level Campaign. This way any business, no matter how large or small can have an Enterprise Level Campaign.

  1. Google Ads campaign that exceeds all the Google Best Practices
  2. Average Quality Score 8 or higher
  3. No Quality Scores below 7
  4. Out performs all other campaigns in it’s industry
  5. Ranks 100% on the WordStream Performance Grader

If you have any ideas about how to refine this definition, please let me know.

The Truth About Google Ads Performance

The Losers

More than 50% of all Google Ads accounts fail within the first year. And another 10% to 15% will eventually fail. Think Natural Selection, only the fit will survive. It works well in the real world just like it does on the Internet. It has to be this way because it takes a lot of losers pay for the success of the winners.

The Winners spends $15,000,000 a month on Google Ads. Do you think they use the Google Best Practices? If not, then what are the best practices?

In 2015 Google was bringing in $215,000,000 a day!

Dirty Little Secret That Is

* Competitive Analysis

Indexing over 7 billion results across 105 million domains

  1. PPC Overview
  2. Top Competitors
  3. Shared Paid Keywords
  4. Keyword Groups
  5. PPC Keywords
  6. Ad History

* Campaign Structure

1st Generation – Google Best Practices

2nd Generation – SKAG Campaign (Single Keyword Ad Group)

Classic SKAG Campaign

One keyword per ad group, the ad groups are named after the keyword and for each keyword 3 match types are generatedLOAD EXAMPLE

SKAG with one ad group per match type

One keyword and one match type per ad groupLOAD EXAMPLE

SKAG with custom match types for each keyword

A SKAG campaign with different match types for each keywordLOAD EXAMPLE

A Single Theme ad group

A campaign with theme related small ad groupsLOAD EXAMPLE

A Single Theme ad group with custom match types

A campaign with theme related small ad groups with custom match types

3rd Generation – SKAG+ Campaign (Single Keyword Ad Group plus Dynamic Keyword Insertion) Visit for more information.

* Campaign Build Application – SaaS Application

  1. Keyword planner
  2. Keyword mixer
  3. Campaign builder
  4. Ads & extension generator

Campaign Optimization SaaS Application

Opteo is everything you hoped AdWords would be. Smart, powerful, and built to make life easier. Automate routine AdWords tasks, spend more time on high-level strategy and creative work.

  1. Optimize account performance with data-driven improvements
  2. Monitor and diagnose performance issues accurately. In real time
  3. Control budgets and manage accounts. From Campaign to Keyword
  4. Explore segments to find the most profitable areas
  5. Check scorecards to get a high-level understanding of performance
  6. Integrate Slack, get Improvements and Alerts delivered to inbox